Friday, July 18, 2008

Right in the Nards

Whatever you can say about the company "Narda", you can at least say that they never watched a movie from 1980-1990. Otherwise you wouldn't expect a product named "Nardalert" that wasn't tongue-in-cheek. Which also begs the question - why the word "nards" in the first place? We all know that "Penards" is not a real word, so it's not like the hipper, shortened version of the slang...

Anyway - I imagine this product as being a sensor for mischievious youths, out to kick the Eugene Levy type "right in the nards"... whether it be for contracting a treehouse distruction project or making the local "hoop park" into a parking lot. In reality - it's just a boring RF safety monitor, which is designed to alert you of dangerous electromagnetic radio wave levels.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fluidmaster NO-BURST

Photo supplied by William Durden - I have spies everywhere.